What is Norton?

Nortonis the finest antivirus solution used worldwide by millions of users and owned by Symantec corporation. It has multiple qualities including virus detection, spyware detection, malware removal etc. This antivirus offers impressive security packages and subscription plans for several different environments. No matter whether you are a student or an entrepreneur you will get something for yourself in Norton antivirus subscription list.

Norton offers perfect security for your systemsand it is capable of removing virus infection from your systems. If want to get this highly operative virus, then go to Norton setup. Norton Antivirus gets upgradedautomatically on definite intervalsso that your device stays safe.Norton allows users to work on their system without having any outside threats. Norton stops your devices to get infected from worm, malware or spyware and best thing is that this Antivirus blocks the phishing attempts from websites, which are trying to gain access of your private information including usernames and passwords or other important information such as your bank or your credit card details.

Download, install and manage Norton Setup from Norton.com/setup

To manage Norton subscription user should have norton account, if you are new user create an account on norton.com/myaccount. already purchased then go to norton.com/setup and enter your product key, then you can promptly install security on the device they are working on. User can also send a link via email if they want to install the product on another device. In Norton account, users can even manage anti-theft. The process of Norton installation is extremely quick. Since Norton programs are light-weight, it does not take more than a few minutes for the setup to get installed.

Purchase Norton Antivirus Online or Offline

Online Purchase

  1. Go to norton.com/product and purchase norton software as per your need
  2. Product key will be sent on your mail id

Offline Purchase

  1. Go to retail shop and purchase norton antivirus box with CD
  2. You will get Product key inside the box

Steps to Manage Norton Setup

Norton 360 is an integral part of complete package which is widely used by professionals and non-professionals. There is a simple activation process of activation by entering account credentials and product key.

How to use Norton antivirus?

After entering the activation code in Norton.com/setup, then you need to activate Norton on your desktop. For this you need to install file and follow the guidelines. This will ask you for protection level and set the firewall on your device. For complete protection you need to scan your device so that Norton antivirus can detect the threats on you device. After complete scanning it will prompt you about detected virus and ask you if it will delete it.

How does Norton Antivirus do its work?

Norton setup offers a fee-based suite of antivirus products which provide various virus detection method. User can protect their desktop by regularly scanning the computer with Norton antivirus. Norton's anti-virus suite uses virus definitions, suspicious behavior, emulation and the sandbox method to detect viruses that may be on your computer.

Virus Definitions

When Norton Antivirus filters your PC, it looks at the hard drive, memory, boot parts and any removable drives that you are examining against its downloaded virus definition database. The database contains pattern or parallel binary code that is unique to each virus known to Norton. Once Norton AntiVirus looks through your PC and finds code that matches something in the database, it will hail the infection for isolate or evacuation. This technique just shields your PC from known infections.

Suspicious Behavior

Suspicious behavior detection does not depend upon the virus detection method. Rather, in this technique relies on active monitoring to scan your computer's programs to locate suspicious behavior. When you use this method, you will accept or deny a program that keeps running on your computer until Norton.com/setup realizes which programs are known to be protected. This technique can shield your desktop from obscure or new infections, yet it can likewise make false positives.